Why You Hear Ticking

If you’ve ever spent ages investigating the source of that irritating ticking noise in your home and then imagined the worst, worry no longer – its probably coming from your heating system and its easily fixed.

Ok, time for a quick physics lesson; when any substance heats up it expands and then contracts when cool, and this is the same for your boilers, radiators and pipework. All these parts of your heating system are made of metal, and as they heat up and cool down, they can rub against other materials nearby causing ticking, which isn’t dangerous but can be annoying. Having a plastic spacer between radiators and their brackets can solve this problem, as the ticking is not inside the radiator itself, but within the metalwork.

We can fit spacers if it’s becoming a problem for you and if you are hearing ticking, you should definitely point this out to our engineer during your annual service. However, if the sounds aren’t coming from your radiators your pipework could be the culprit, and this would require an engineer to come out to investigate and then suggest some custom spacing solutions to solve the issue. If you’d like us to help stop the ticking for good and restore peace and quiet in your home, give us a call or send us an email now to get booked in.