Boiler Service

An annual service is a requirement of all boiler manufacturer warranties, and though this might seem like an unnecessary expense, keeping your warranty validated works out much cheaper should anything be wrong with your appliance.

Heatsmiths combi boiler servicing is just £120 and also offer an optional reminder service to ensure your warranty stays in tact.



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Boiler Installation

If you are replacing your boiler, you need to ensure you are choosing the right product to suit your needs and your price-point. At Heatsmiths, we supply a and install a range of new gas boilers to satisfy every budget, match different heating systems, and meet the demands of all types of properties, and our boiler installation and replacement rates are very favourable.

A new gas boiler installation will take at least a day for a straight swap. We start with a consultation with one of our engineers, where we can advise on a price based on your requirements.




Boiler Breakdown

If you’re not getting any heating or hot water when you need it, its likely your boiler isn’t working as it should be. Newer boilers will often display an error code, which will tell you what kind of fault you have, but if yours doesn’t, or even if your boiler appears to be working, the lack of heating and/or hot water on demand suggests that other components in your system could be damaged or faulty.

At Heatsmiths, our diagnoses start from £95 and depending on the nature of your problem, we can give a fixed-price quote once on site.