Plumbing Leak

If you are experiencing damp patches or seeing water where it shouldn’t be, you probably have a leak of one kind or another. This can be caused by a number of different things, from leaks on appliances, to blown seals or tiling.

Plumbing work starts from £75/hr. If we can’t resolve the issue within the first hour, we will provide a fixed-priced quote for completing the job.




Gas Escapes

Ill-fitted appliances, erosion of pipe work over time or the failure of an ageing appliance can all cause a gas escape. If you can smell gas in your home It often makes more sense to call out a gas engineer in the first instance, as calling the emergency gas services can make your property safe, but only a gas safe engineer can reinstate your appliances. If your gas has been isolated because a leak has been established, Heatsmiths are your best bet.

We are specialists in tracking and tracing gas escapes and our gas works start from just £95/hr.